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Get your Typing Certificate by taking the online test, certification document is mailed to you and online verification to confirm your typing speed.
Professionally printed typing certificates are issued by after an online typing speed test. To get your certificate for Typing, take the typing test below. After you have taken at least five tests, you can click the "Get your Typing Certificate" link displayed with your test result. Your five highest speeds will be averaged to determine your certified speed. You may take as many tests as you wish, only your five best typing scores will be used for certification. This allows you to practice until your are satisfied with your WPM without any errors. It is recommended that you create a login account after the first test to store your typing test scores if you do not wish to get the typing certification right away (otherwise you will have to retake the certificate test on your next visit).

Once issued, the typing certification can be verified by others online (click here for an example), and even shared on your Facebook Timeline. You will receive a professionally printed certificate document by mail that contains your certified speed and your online verification Certificate ID.

Typing Certificate Document
Type the paragraph shown below and click the TEST ME! button when finished, the server will automatically time your entry and speed. Remember, accuracy as well as speed are important.
Note:You do NOT need to press the ENTER key between lines.

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